Quick tips on how to pass urine test

When applying for a job or entering school or before entering school, students or applicants required to submit themselves for drugs testing. Sometimes random drug testing is even done in the workplace to ensure that employees are drug-free and is free from alcohol intoxication. But sometimes, it can’t be helped that some people would have fun and try out drugs like cocaine or marijuana. And even though some of them have not been using these prohibited items, there are still fears on how to pass a urine test.

Drug abuse is such a big problem in society everywhere. But there are a lot of people who wants to be completely sober so they try out drug detox methods. Alcohol abuse is also a problem that affects a lot of people but like drug abuse, alcoholics want to be sober and focus their energy into positive vibes for a better future. Because of that, they undergo alcohol detox programs to take away the alcohol from their system. Sometimes however, while in the middle of taking detox drinks and being sober from drugs or alcohol, drug and liquor tests are done. The dilemma now is the fear of having positive drug and alcohol results when doing the urine test. So people resort to looking for information on how to pass a urine test.

The urine test is one of the quickest ways to detect if a person is into drugs or is intoxicated with alcohol. If the person is taking drugs for quite a long time, it won’t be eliminated right away in their system. But for moderate users, it can be excreted right away. So what to people do in order to pass a urine test?

Since drug test center are quite strict with the information and the method of urination, they cannot make fraud documents nor use another person’s urine. Instead, they would increase their fluid intake especially water to urinate frequently. But in warm weather, frequent urination is not always possible because sweating is also another way of excreting excess water in the body. As a result, they take diuretics.

Taking of diuretics is another way on how to pass a urine test. Drinking of coffee or cranberry juice can cause frequent urination. But sometimes it is not enough to flush out the toxins. Diuretics can be taken but sometimes it needs physician’s prescription. Midol, a pain reliever may do the trick. This has a diuretic effect and trips to the comfort room a day or days before the test can is often done. Diet pills are to be avoided because sometimes it has amphetamines which are also a prohibited drug.

Once the urine is heavy “watered down” this might raise suspicion on laboratory technicians since it is just mostly water. To regain the amber or yellowish color of the urine, they can take vitamin B-complex. Taking about 100 milligrams about 2 hours before the drug test is another trick on how to pass a urine test.  

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